Calvin Theological Seminary publishes various journals and periodicals written by faculty and staff.

Faculty Journals

Calvin Theological Journal
Calvin Theological Journal is published semiannually, in April and November. Its mission, as former Calvin Seminary president John Kromminga wrote in the inaugural issue in 1966, is “to serve the community of Reformed theological scholarship, and through it, the ministers and members of the Reformed churches.” Hence, each issue includes a number of scholarly articles, book reviews, and short studies by seminary faculty members and others. A feature of the November issue each year is a bibliography of recent writings about John Calvin and the Calvinist tradition prepared by Meeter Center curator Paul Fields.

Calvin Theological Seminary Forum
The Calvin Theological Seminary Forum is a faculty publication that provides theological leadership for the church through reflection on various themes and issues. It is published three times per year and includes seminary news items. To subscribe to the Forum and receive free printed copies three times a year, send us an email with your name and mailing address.

The Bavinck Review
The Bavinck Review (TBR) is an electronic scholarly journal published annually in April by The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Theological Seminary. Members of the Bavinck Society receive a complimentary subscription to TBR. Back issues are made freely available on the TBRweb site six months after publication.

The Annual Reports

The Annual Reports
The Annual Reports highlight the influence of financial support received throughout the past years. 

Student Publications

Calvin Seminary’s student publication, the Kerux is published online and in print monthly for the purpose of promoting dialogue on issues pertaining to life at the seminary, discussions on various theological topics, and reflections on life as a student of the Word. Kerux [pronounced kay-rux] comes from the Greek word meaning ‘herald.’ The Kerux’s intention is to serve as a form of communication between the student body and the wider seminary community, including spouses, alumni, staff, faculty, and prospective students. Beginning in September 2006, issues of the Kerux can be found online at Issues before September 2006 are found here.

Anchored in the Reformed tradition, Stromata is a publication that seeks to promote critical thinking into theology and religious studies, and aims to be a vehicle for scholarly expression. Stromata was founded in 1956 in the 80th year of Calvin Theological Seminary, and is currently managed, edited, and reviewed by graduate (doctoral and master-level) students.