Loving Your Neighbor Today 2016


Jesus tells us to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” But what does that mean for us today? How do we love our non-Christian neighbors or those who are hard to love, such as those who suffer from dementia or trauma? Speakers included Richard Mouw and our very own Calvin Seminary professors.

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Dr. Mariano Avila

Mariano Avila

Dr. Amanda Benckhuysen

Amanda Benckhuysen

Dr. Danjuma Gibson

Danjuma Gibson

Dr. Mary Vandenberg

Mary Vandenberg

Dr. Cory Willson

Cory Willson


Keynote Presentations

by Richard Mouw

“Engaging our Neighbors: How can we form ‘standing alongside of’ and ‘listening to’ relationships in the service of the Gospel?”

“Neighborly Hospitality: How do we make room for our neighbors, but also accept hospitality from our neighbors?”

“Are Our Neighbors ‘Jesus in Disguise’?”


Other Presentations

“Loving Your Neighbor of a Different Religion” – Cory Willson

“What Can We Learn from the Old Testament about Loving Our Neighbor?” – Amanda Benckhuysen

“Loving Your Neighbor Who Suffers from Trauma” – Danjuma Gibson

“Loving Your Neighbor with Dementia” – Mary Vanden Berg


Worship Service Meditations

Meditation on Matthew 22:34-40 – Mariano Avila

Meditation on Luke 10:25-37 – Mariano Avila

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