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Help support the future of the church

With help from people like you, scholarship support has grown significantly throughout the years. Consider how your gift can help grow the $1.3 million that we receive annually towards student scholarships.

Your scholarship, your vision

Each scholarship for Calvin Seminary students is different and yours can be, too. When your scholarship is established, you will be able to work with our team to determine the award’s eligibility criteria. You can support a student based on their degree program, geographical background, career goals and many other things.

Cost breakdown

There are three ways that you can support a scholarship for Calvin Seminary students:

Scholarship covers a portion of a student’s tuition. Scholarship awards start at $1,500 per year.

Presidential Scholarship covers all tuition and book fees, funded at $15,000/year.

Endowing a scholarship ensures that our students will benefit from this financial assistance for years to come. Your scholarship can be endowed through multiple gifts over your lifetime or a one-time gift, funded by an individual, a family, or through an estate gift.

Contact Robert Knoor at 616-957-6039 or email at to begin the conversation.