Ministry Partners

As President of Calvin Theological Seminary, I would like to invite you to join a new and unique group of Seminary affiliates—the Ministry Partners.

The Ministry Partners program is designed to help supporters like you walk with Calvin Seminary students on their educational journey toward ministry. With a monthly gift, you send the message to a student that says, “I care about your calling and the road that you are on from start to finish.”

Every Ministry Partner stands alongside students in their classrooms, their studies, their practical applications, and their examinations—indeed in all of the ways that Calvin Seminary empowers them to be effective church leaders. Your consistent, Christian support may carry them through the rest of their ministry.

Every dollar donated by a Ministry Partner to the Seminary’s Annual Formation Fund will help keep tuition costs as low as possible. Your monthly gift benefits the students by covering the recurring Seminary expenses related to higher theological training. This ensures that student financial burdens are as low as possible, freeing them to enter ministry without staggering debt.

Will you consider joining us as a Ministry Partner and journey alongside the students at Calvin Theological Seminary?

In His service with you,

Jul Medenblik