Types of Aid

Various types of merit and need-based financial aid are available for study at Calvin Seminary. In fact, in recent years, over $1.2 milllion in scholarships were awarded to students. Learn about the types of aid below.


Calvin Seminary awards over 200 merit and need-based scholarships to students each year, thanks to funding from generous donors. As an incoming student, you are eligible for awards ranging from $1,000-$10,000. You must complete the financial aid section on your admissions application in order to be considered for entering student scholarships. A preliminary scholarship amount will be included in your admissions letter. In March, the scholarship committee will meet to assign specific named scholarships to cover the original award. We will then determine if any additional scholarship funding is available.  Spring start students will be awarded an amount for one semester only.  Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and re-application is necessary each year.


Explore various ways to fund your Calvin Seminary education through loans.

Ministry Incentive Program 

Who it’s for: US citizens, US Permanent Residents and Canadian citizens who are MA or MDiv students and intend on serving in the Christian Reformed Church in an ordained capacity after graduation. This loan is partially forgiveable.
Amount: $5000–$8000

Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan

Who it’s for: U.S. citizens and permanent residents
Amount: Up to $20,500/year

The unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan is not interest free during school, grace, and deferment periods. Interest on the loan is fixed at 6.8%. Interest payments may be made periodically, or the interest may be capitalized and added to the principal. Repayment begins six months after you cease to be enrolled at least half time. You are set up on a 10-year repayment schedule.

Postman Loan

Who it’s for: Canadian citizens
Amount: $1,000–$2,000

The Postman Loan is interest free, and no repayment is required as long as you are enrolled in school at least half time (this is a federal regulation). Interest on the loan during repayment is 7% simple interest. However, if you are working full time for the CRCNA, the loan is interest free. No interest is accrued as long as you are enrolled at least half time. Repayment begins six months after you cease to be enrolled at least half time. You are set up on a 10 year repayment schedule.

Canada Student Loan

Who it’s for: Canadian citizens
Amount: Varies

These loans are available to Canadian students. The loan amounts are variable and determined by the Canada Student Loan program. The interest rate is determined at the time of repayment. If you plan to apply for a Canada Student Loan, you are encouraged to do so before the beginning of the school year. Canadian students are responsible for obtaining directly all forms that are necessary for loan processing, deferment, confirmation of enrollment, payment schedules, etc. The Calvin Theological Seminary Financial Aid Office does not have such forms in the office.

Classical aid

Who it’s for: Students who are members of Christian Reformed Church
Amount: Varies by classis

Each classis within the Christian Reformed Church in North America is responsible for awarding aid to Seminary students who are members of CRC churches in their classis. Each application process is different and is administered by the Student Fund Committee. To learn more and apply for classical aid, contact the committee chair for your classis as soon as you are admitted to Calvin Seminary.

In order to assist in the process, we have created a resource page for both the classis and the students. This page will help to outline best practices and provide information in one central location.

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