Board of Trustees

“In summary, to be a trustee means to be responsible and accountable for Calvin Theological Seminary. This trust requires people of conviction, dedication, vision, and selfless service.” —Calvin Theological Seminary Board of Trustees Handbook

The Board of Trustees of Calvin Theological Seminary is comprised of 16 regional representatives from the Christian Reformed Church in North America and three at-large representatives. Normally the board meets twice on campus during October and May as well as a February teleconference meeting within each academic year.

Calvin Seminary’s Board of Trustees meets three times each year to make governing decisions about the institution.

: Mr. Sid Jansma, Jr.
Vice Chair: Rev. Curt Walters
Secretary: Ms. Heather Garretson

Region 1 | Classes British Columbia North-West and British Columbia South-East
Mr. Victor Chen

Region 2 | Classes Alberta North, Alberta South/Saskatchewan and Lake Superior – Canadian congregations
Mr. Frank Zee

Region 3 | Classes Eastern Canada, Quinte, and Toronto
Rev. Daniel Brown

Region 4 | Classes Chatham, Hamilton, Huron, and Niagara
Rev. Allen Kleine Deters
Mr. Keith Oosthoek

Region 5 | Classes Columbia, Pacific Northwest, and Yellowstone
Pastor Sergio Castillo

Region 6 | Classes Central California, Great Los Angeles, California South and Pacific Hanmi
Rev. Scott Elgersma

Region 7 | Classes Rocky Mountain, Red Mesa and Arizona
Ms. Theresa Rottschafer

Region 8 | Classes Heartland, Iakota, Lake Superior – U.S. Congregations, Minnkota, Northcentral Iowa, and Pella
Rev. Robert Drenten
Dr. Charles Veenstra

Region 9 | Classes Illiana, Chicago South, Northern Illinois, and Wisconsin
Mr. Paul Boersma

Region 10 | Classes Georgetown, Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Northern Michigan, and Zeeland
Rev. Marc Nelesen
Dr. Susan Strikwerda

Region 11 | Classes Grand Rapids East, Grand Rapids North, Grand Rapids South, Grandville, Lake Erie, and Thornapple Valley
Mr. David Morren
Rev. Curt Walters

Region 12 | Classes Atlantic Northeast, Hackensack, Hudson, and Southeast U.S.
Mr. Henry Lane

Trustees at Large
Ms. Heather Garretson
Mr. Sidney Jansma Jr.
Dr. Yudha Thianto